7 ene. 2012

Qué es SOPA ? y porqué parar esta ocurrencia !

Republicación del mail de Simon Andersson CEO DreamHost para nosotros los clientes.

What's up with SOPA?

SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is what happens when people who don't use the Internet attempt to regulate it.

It's a well-intentioned piece of legislation that has been written so poorly that, should the bill pass, nearly anything online could be considered 'piracy' in some form or another.

SOPA would place ANY website that houses any form of user-generated content at immediate risk of shutdown and would effectively stifle innovation among web entrepreneurs.

If someone posted a link to copyrighted material in, say, the comments of your WordPress blog about cats and their sweater choices, we would have to shut down your ENTIRE domain as soon as we received a complaint about it - whether that complaint was valid or not! There would be no pre-shutdown courtesy letter, no friendly 'please remove this from your site'. Just BOOM! The end. Obliterated. Everything gone.

What has two thumbs, 1.2 million domains, and would ultimately get stuck enforcing SOPA? You guessed it. This guy. (Imagine DreamHost pointing its thumbs to its chest here and the joke works.)

We were not fans of SOPA from the very beginning. We opposed it in November:

DreamHost Blog: Don't Drop The Soap: Drop SOPA!

We also press-released about it in late December. (It was the trendy thing to do at the time... and reporters tend not to read blogs, strangely enough!)

Press Release: DreamHost Denounces SOPA and Sticks To It

SOPA could fundamentally change the way that American citizens would be permitted to use the Internet and the way that web hosts and registrars would need to operate to accommodate these changes.

SOPA comes up for a vote on Tuesday, January 24th. If you're in the United States and want to feel like you've done everything you can to help add your voice to the rising chorus of SOPA opposition, please make contact with your senator (not the physical kind) and let them know your thoughts!

AmericanCensorship.org is a great resource for doing just that!


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